Breathe, focus, restart

Bonjour blog!

I have been toying with the idea of having a blog again – a real blog, not a Tumblr where I only share pictures – for some time now. So that I can talk to you in more meaningful ways, with purpose and intent, and share art-related things that do not get lost in the anonymity and heavy flow of social media.

There are things I want to tell you about.

I don’t only want to show you my work – I want to show you how I work, I want to review my art supplies, I want to rant and laugh and inspire sometimes perhaps. I want to go more in depth with these things, in ways that go beyond my own promotion.

Much as I love social media and every one of the people who follow my work there or whose work I follow (and I do love it all!), the interactions there are often so quick and transient that it all makes my head spin. I see beautiful things, and forget about them in a minute. More often than not I will not comment, because the “like” button is so easy, and the amount of information at hand is so large anyway that I cannot process it all well enough to say something more interesting than “Oooh love it!”.

This blog is for myself as much as it is for readers. I will not publish regularly, only when I have something meaningful to share with you that is not simply pictures. I hope you will find something to take from it.